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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nivea, A Kiss of Moisture

When Nivea introduced their lip care line, I was pretty darn excited. Afterall, Nivea's skin cremes are some of my faves. I purchased some as soon as I could get my hands on a tube, and used it right away. The size of this stuff threw me off, the tube is larger than most, and kind of reminds me of glue sticks- you know, the kind you use in first grade? Yeah, it got me daydreaming about my elementary crush Jacob Campbell- oh la la la, wonder what he's up to now?

Anyway, applying this stuff is fairly nice. It glides well, and isn't too sticky or greasy. I did find that if I pressed too firmly the stuff went right back into it's big ol' tube, so I had to keep twisting it up. It's available in a bunch of different shimmery shades, but unfortunately no flavors (yet!) It's a simple clean smell and taste, just what you can expect from Nivea. It does have a hint of the same smell as their body cremes, which is lovely. It absorbs quickly, but moisturizes well. It only contains an SPF 4, which is not nearly enough protection, but use it at work and it will probably keep you through your lunch break.
Overall 4/10, not a miracle product, but the tube is super cutie and I absolutely can't say no to a Nivea product.

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