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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Goody Dandruff Reduction Copper Brush

I've suffered from dandruff since I can remember. I don't have a horrible case of it, and most of the time it went unnoticed, however I was always
embarrassed when I went to get my hair cut or styled. I've used Head & Shoulders and other dandruff shampoos, but I didn't know until a few weeks ago that each time I used it, it took a layer off my scalp. Do I really want to be doing that? No! It was a temporary solution to a problem that needs to be maintained in a healthy manner.
After learning that, I was browsing the different options I had for treating my dandruff- which wasn't a large selection. It mostly consisted of shampoos, which I knew I didn't want to use anymore. Then I found this brush by Goody, a styling therapy brush that helps in reducing dandruff. Yep, a brush! Sounds much safer than some harsh shampoo, right? So I purchased it, and fell in love. It claims to reduce dandruff by eliminating the bacteria and fungi that causes dandruff, it's also made with copper and ball tipped bristles that massage your scalp (which also helps in the reduction of dandruff.) It stops the itching, flaking, and even static from your locks- sound unbelievable? Believe it! After trying this little guy out for a month, I'm convinced! Not only was my dandruff reduced, the itching and dry scalp caused by it is completely gone. I'll definitely continue to use it, and will never go back to harsh medicated shampoo. Highly recommended brush and well worth the extra money.

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