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Friday, May 30, 2008

Makeup Reviews

Makeup Reviews:

Urban Decay- Midnight Cowgirl eye shadow
Price: $16
A very sheer shadow with tons of glitter, but unlike cheaper glitter shadows, this will
not spread all over your face after a few hours of being worn. It also lasts longer, even
without any base. The container is VERY small, about the size of a quarter-
but it's very much worth it. One sweep of this stuff across your eyelid will last
all night without having to reapply.
No gross smells either! That's always a plus.

Diorskin Icone: Photo perfect creme to powder foundation with
SPF 10
Price: $42

It doesn't exactly leave you with photo shopped perfect skin you see in the magazines,
but it does help cover up any blemishes, discolored skin, and hides dark circles WITHOUT using any concealer.
My recommendation, do not apply this product right after washing your skin or if you have dry skin. If you choose to, always apply a primer before using this product
or you will get a very cakey effect from this foundation. A little bit goes a long way, and that's good because the bottle is pretty small considering it's price- but remember, it's high quality- and made in France, oh la la la!
Oh, by the
way, no funky smell- actually pretty pleasant smelling for a foundation!

Burt's Bees Lip shimmer- champagne shade
Price: $4.50
Let me start off by saying that this product does what it promises, it's a great lip balm and will help fight against chapped dried lips-
But the color? What were they thinking? Maybe it's my skin tone, but honestly, I expected a much more subtle approach from Burt's Bees.
I only wear this product to bed or when I am at home because the shade is much too embarrassing on me. Also, the sparkle effect is ridiculous, definitely save thi
s product for the girls in jr. high. Smell? Very mentholy. Not appealing at all.
I'll never purchase this again.

Fiberwig mascara by ImJu
Price: $22.00

Best mascara I have used....EVER. Nothing beats out this mascara, you can brush, curl, coat, whatever your makeup routine is for your lashes- QUIT. It doesn't take that much work to make beautiful lashes! Fiberwig literally gives you the fake eyelashes without the trouble of applying them. Don't be fooled though, this mascara, if used properly, can work in subtle ways so it's not only for night use! I highly recommend adding this into your makeup box, you won't be disappointed.
Be warned though, when washing this stuff off it can sometimes come off in long "string" like form. Smells like masca
ra, perhaps a little stronger- but nothing overwhelming.

Highbrow by Benefit
Price: $20

Ever have one of those days where you just don't feel like tweezing?
You look in the mirror and suddenly your eyebrows have gone array, what's a girl to do? Purchase this product for one! Gently sweep your eyebrow line with this pencil, blend, and you've suddenly got yourself nicely tweezed
eyebrows. Miracle worker? Maybe!

Smell might take you back to your coloring days!

Smashbox Concealer
Price: $18
Eh, what can I say. It's an okay product... as far as
discoloration goes, the product has your back. However, if
you're trying to cover up that ugly breakout, I recommend finding a different product.
This concealer used on acne seems to have a horrible effect, leaving your zits more noticeable because it gives you
a very cakey effect. I recommend using this product for discoloration and around the eyes only.
I will probably not purchase this brand again.
Very subtle smell is always a plus though!

****Please keep in mind that I am not being paid to write these reviews, I just thought
I would share my opinions with others.
If there is any product you would like me to review, please just dro
me a comment and I will try my best to get you answers!
By the way, if you would like to purchase any of these products you can do so
at www.sephora.com!****