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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tend Skin, for all of your hairy needs!

I recently received the January Sample goodie bag from Sephora, and one of the products included was the fabulous Tend Skin Solution. This stuff is amazing, for men and women, if you have problems with razor burn or razor bumps, you NEED this product. It can be used just about anywhere, including your underarms and bikini area.

A 4oz bottle will run you about $20.00 at a Sephora location or online...but you can check online at Amazon, who usually has this stuff on sale ($8.99 right now!!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Makeup doesn't have to break the bank...really!

It can be difficult to find good makeup that doesn't come with a heavy price tag, but today I'm going to tell you how to fill your cosmetics bag without breaking the bank. All of the products featured in this post are under $10.00 and can be found at your local drugstore or Wal-Mart.

: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, an oldie but goodie. Use this stuff over some primer and you'll be set. $8.79

CoverGirl Lash Exact, alot of bang for your buck (make that about six bucks) It comes in different shades and doesn't clump. $5.99

CoverGirl Cheekers, they've been around forever and there's a reason why. They work! $3.59

Revlon ColorStay 12 hour eyeshadow, no need for eyeshadow primer (save your money!) this stuff is super-long lasting and blends easy. It also comes in a huge range of different eye popping colors, my favorite is Coffee Bean. $6.29

So there you have it, all your daily essentials for a little over $20.00.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

MayBelline Colossal...yay or nay?

I can never help but to stop in the makeup isles at my local Wal-Mart...it's like all of the little powder palettes and eyeshadows are calling my name. On my last trip, I came across Maybelline New York: The Colossal Volum' Express mascara. With it's big, bold purple letters and daring yellow casing, it was hard to say no- so I didn't. Although I'd usually rather be caught dead in dirty undies than I would a drugstore mascara in my bag, you never know when you might come across a swan in a pond full of ugly ducklings.

I didn't try it immediately, I'll admit that I was hesitant. I've been very faithful to the mascaras that have treated me right, so I had to be careful about bringing another member into the family.

Applying the mascara was tricky, but for $5.99, what do you expect? They claim the mascara is "clump free," and all I have to say to that is B.S.! But with a little combing and girly-magic, I felt confident enough to leave the house.

As soon as I was on my way, I regretted my decision. If you've ever woken up with pink eye, you'll understand the feeling I suddenly had when my eyes felt glued together. My eyelashes felt sticky, and if my life was an episode of punk'd, I would have been certain someone switched my masacara with a bottle of super glue.

...But beauty is pain, so I didn't let such a small inconvience get in the way of what could be an amazing mascara.

Now, you may not know this- but as a good person I feel it's necassary to share my secrets.

A good mascara looks great when you put it on, and even for a few hours afterward, but quickly dulls and you lose length, thickness, and color.

A great mascara looks amazing when you put it on, and stays that way until you wash it off. Imju, I'm looking at you...

A bad mascara, comes off on your face.
Leaving you with mascara lines and clumps right under your bottom eyelid...even if you haven't cried.

NO ONE wants to find that
when they look in the mirror, but that's what I got with Maybelline's "colossal."

So another day, another disappointing mascara...I'd cry, but I'm not wearing the waterproof kind.

Verdict: Stay far, far away from it...unless it's Halloween.

Monday, January 12, 2009


A new year calls for new products, so when Sephora was offering trial sized Bare Minerals with any order, I snatched that deal up like I was pms'ing and it was a free chocolate bar.

I'm embarrassed and saddened to admit that I've never actually tried anything by Bare Essentials before- I saw the TV ads, my friends recommended it to me all the time, but the whole "swirl, tap and blend" thing didn't sit well with me. How could this powder stuff give good coverage, be good for your skin, AND not look cakey?

I don't know how they did it, but what you see on TV is true. It took me a few tries to get the coverage and blending just right to fit my skin type, but it is now my new favorite foundation. I've even gotten compliments from my friends who say that my skin is glowing!

Looks natural (no foundation lines and no thick cakey look- it looks like your skin, only healthier)
No oil buildup (ever notice some foundations tend to puddle up on your face, especially around the t-zone area?)
Feels light (You forget you're even wearing makeup)
No rub-off (You can wipe your face with your sleeve or rest your head on your shoulder and it won't rub off)
Easy to apply (like the commercial says, just swirl it on the brush, tap off excess and blend)

Expensive, around $25 for the foundation alone...plus the cost of their brushes is outrageous.
Messy. They tell you to put a little of the foundation powder in the cap, which can get quite messy if you're not careful or in a rush. I wish they would have come up with better packaging to go with such an awesome product.

Next up: Stay tuned for great makeup ideas without the heavy price tag.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Products For A New Year

On a personal note, I want to apologize for not keeping this blog updated, unfortunately due to the holidays and a severely sick grandmother, my time was scarce. Now that it is a new year, I hope to update more frequently and keep you girls in tune with what's new, hot, and worth buying.

Over the holidays, I got to thinking about new products for the new year, YES! I thought about you girls while I was away! I wanted to start off the new year with a truly amazing product, so....

Fredric Fekkai Au Naturel Gentle Shampoo

Shampoo? Who wants to start off 2009 with some boring shampoo?

I apologize if you wanted glitter, vibrating eyeshadow, or...well, anything more exciting than shampoo, but I have to tell you, this stuff is amazing and worth all of the attention it's getting.

Here's why:

Your natural beauty comes more naturally with Fekkai Au Naturel. Luxurious and purely gorgeous, this shampoo is infused with beneficial essential oils and organic ingredients, and is absent of synthetic fragrance, dyes, and additives like sulfates and parabens. Packaged in a bottle made with 40% recycled materials, Fekkai's formula embodies the essence of eco-conscious, positively-crafted haircare."

Yes, it's "GREEN," and I know a huge majority of you guys out there have resolutions to be more green this year. It also lacks all those nasty ingredients like sulfates (ew) so there's less gunk in your hair, and more healthy locks.
After one shampoo, you'll notice a huge difference. Remember when you were a kid and you had soft, manageable hair? This shampoo will shave off all the years and give you back the hair you once had- you know, before you started putting tons of gunk in it? After using this, I even noticed my natural highlights were more noticeable...and I wasn't the only one who noticed!

An 8oz bottle of this stuff will run you about $23 at Sephora, but it pays for itself in compliments!