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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clinique 3 Step System

The first time I went to buy Clinique from my local was mall I was humiliated by their skin expert. I went up to the counter looking for a foundation I had tried a sample of and really enjoyed called Superfit. It's suppose to be long lasting, oil free, and very lightweight, which it was. The woman came up, asked if I needed help, and so I explained my l.o.v.e for the new makeup. She simply said the foundation wasn't for me, and went on to ask me a series of questions (none of which I signed up for, thank you very much...must of been a slow day I guess.) Was my skin dry and tight? Sometimes, especially in my cheeks. Oily? Mostly in my t-zone. Do I break out? Often. Especially with stress or poor diet. She evaluated my skin, pointed out that my nose is an oil land fill (OUCH!) and that I most likely have skin type II. I had an oily T-zone and dryness around the eyes and cheeks. She suggested the 3 step program, which was about $50.00, take or give a few bucks. I shyed away from it at first, was she just trying to sell some product or would this stuff really help? I didn't purchase the step system from the store that day, instead I came home and did some research online.

What I found was this. Clinique works great for some people, they swear it gives off beautiful radiant and clear skin. Others hate the stuff and claim it makes them break out, gives them dry patches, or worse. It was a tough decision to make, after all I had been let down before and I didn't want my money going to waste- AGAIN. I ordered the 3 step system online and it promptly arrived at my doorstep a couple of days later (with some awesome freebies I might add!) I was excited, everything was packaged well and I couldn't wait to try it. It's been 8 months since I've been using the Clinique system, the best part is that I am still using the initial moisturizer I purchased. This stuff lasts forever (I've been through only two bars of the soap-step 1- and 2 bottles of the Clarifying Lotion -step 2-)

I found that Step 1 isn't too harsh on my skin, but helps keep my skin stay clean without leaving me with dry patches under my eyes and on my cheeks. I don't often use Step 2, I find it unnecessary, and even though they highly recommend using all 3 steps for beautiful skin, I find that I just don't need it. Step 3 is amazing and I'll continue to use it, it is light, but does it job. It doesn't break me out, although some people do have that reaction to it...so start off slow, you only need one squirt to cover your entire face. They recommend using the system twice a day, which I do. Morning and night I'm at the sink, and it's nice to have a routine that pampers my skin.

Overall, I recommend Clinique. It's not too harsh, but it gets the job done. It's a little bit more expensive than you would spend on drugstore brands, but I think it's worth the extra cash. If you're shy about your skin problems, you can go to Clinique's Online store and take the skin evaluation quiz there.
They will evaluate your skin type, and recommend products specialized to your needs. They also offer free shipping to those who buy two or more products from their 3 step system skin line. However, I personally recommend you go to a Clinique counter (usually at your local mall, but use Clinique.com and find one near you!) The skin experts that work there will be more helpful since they can actually see and touch your skin- they'll also show you examples on how Clinique products work.

**I just want to add that if you're having problems with your skin, a cleanser, moisturizer, whatever, may not help. In my own personal experience, I've found that good skin must be made from the inside out. Don't get upset or discouraged if you do not see results right away
. These things take time and everyone has to figure out what works best for them.
Also, I am in no way paid to write these reviews. Again, I'm just sharing my opinions on different topics and products and hope
they are of some help to you guys!***

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