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Thursday, January 15, 2009

MayBelline Colossal...yay or nay?

I can never help but to stop in the makeup isles at my local Wal-Mart...it's like all of the little powder palettes and eyeshadows are calling my name. On my last trip, I came across Maybelline New York: The Colossal Volum' Express mascara. With it's big, bold purple letters and daring yellow casing, it was hard to say no- so I didn't. Although I'd usually rather be caught dead in dirty undies than I would a drugstore mascara in my bag, you never know when you might come across a swan in a pond full of ugly ducklings.

I didn't try it immediately, I'll admit that I was hesitant. I've been very faithful to the mascaras that have treated me right, so I had to be careful about bringing another member into the family.

Applying the mascara was tricky, but for $5.99, what do you expect? They claim the mascara is "clump free," and all I have to say to that is B.S.! But with a little combing and girly-magic, I felt confident enough to leave the house.

As soon as I was on my way, I regretted my decision. If you've ever woken up with pink eye, you'll understand the feeling I suddenly had when my eyes felt glued together. My eyelashes felt sticky, and if my life was an episode of punk'd, I would have been certain someone switched my masacara with a bottle of super glue.

...But beauty is pain, so I didn't let such a small inconvience get in the way of what could be an amazing mascara.

Now, you may not know this- but as a good person I feel it's necassary to share my secrets.

A good mascara looks great when you put it on, and even for a few hours afterward, but quickly dulls and you lose length, thickness, and color.

A great mascara looks amazing when you put it on, and stays that way until you wash it off. Imju, I'm looking at you...

A bad mascara, comes off on your face.
Leaving you with mascara lines and clumps right under your bottom eyelid...even if you haven't cried.

NO ONE wants to find that
when they look in the mirror, but that's what I got with Maybelline's "colossal."

So another day, another disappointing mascara...I'd cry, but I'm not wearing the waterproof kind.

Verdict: Stay far, far away from it...unless it's Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Wow... well, you're a bit spoiled. Drugstore mascara is usually just as good. It's nuts to spend extra money on mascara... everyone knows you're supposed to splurge on foundation, eye shadow, and blush.

Polka-Dot-Gems said...

I never meant to come off snotty, but mascara is my one everyday essential, and I take it seriously :) Not that long ago, I wrote a blog on drugstore mascaras and there are a few great ones, unfortunately this one in particular didn't pass the test.