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Monday, January 12, 2009


A new year calls for new products, so when Sephora was offering trial sized Bare Minerals with any order, I snatched that deal up like I was pms'ing and it was a free chocolate bar.

I'm embarrassed and saddened to admit that I've never actually tried anything by Bare Essentials before- I saw the TV ads, my friends recommended it to me all the time, but the whole "swirl, tap and blend" thing didn't sit well with me. How could this powder stuff give good coverage, be good for your skin, AND not look cakey?

I don't know how they did it, but what you see on TV is true. It took me a few tries to get the coverage and blending just right to fit my skin type, but it is now my new favorite foundation. I've even gotten compliments from my friends who say that my skin is glowing!

Looks natural (no foundation lines and no thick cakey look- it looks like your skin, only healthier)
No oil buildup (ever notice some foundations tend to puddle up on your face, especially around the t-zone area?)
Feels light (You forget you're even wearing makeup)
No rub-off (You can wipe your face with your sleeve or rest your head on your shoulder and it won't rub off)
Easy to apply (like the commercial says, just swirl it on the brush, tap off excess and blend)

Expensive, around $25 for the foundation alone...plus the cost of their brushes is outrageous.
Messy. They tell you to put a little of the foundation powder in the cap, which can get quite messy if you're not careful or in a rush. I wish they would have come up with better packaging to go with such an awesome product.

Next up: Stay tuned for great makeup ideas without the heavy price tag.


Anonymous said...

Wow... well I tried some at Sephora (one of the employees put it on me), and I have to diagree with every pro you put. It's heavy, it looked fake, and just... blech!

Polka-Dot-Gems said...

What skin type do you have? Unfortunately, something that works for one doesn't necessary work with someone else.
She may have it applied too heavy to your liking (it's powder, so it's very possible) or didn't blend properly.
If it looked fake, she did not use the correct shades for you. I recommend trying the free 10-day sample from sephora and applying it yourself. :)